Dog Sledding and Sleigh Riding – ‘Must Dos’ in Canada

Dog Sledding and Sleigh Riding – ‘Must Dos’ in Canada – A White Christmas has always been a dream of mine…… just ‘be’ in the snow, to walk in the falling snow, make a snowman, sit by the fireplace watching the snow rain down is something dreams, well my dreams anyway, are made of.

But as part of that whole ‘fairy-tale’ experience there were two things I just had to book for the trip. Top priority was dog sledding and then sleigh riding.

Dog sledding………I discovered that you get to ‘familiarise yourself’ with the huskies – I call it playing with the dogs – then off ‘mushing’ for over an hour. I have booked a gold package which reads as ‘guest driven sleigh’, and no other guests. There was a ‘guide driven’ package – not our option, but surely even if we are ‘driving’, the guide must be there too…….I am sure they don’t let two novices loose with their dogs, heading into the wilderness unsupervised. 

Dog Sledding and Sleigh Riding
Sleigh Riding

Sleigh riding – all the ‘romantic’ time slots were booked, i.e. only the 2 of us on the sleigh, so we will be with some other guest, but that is fine……a 5-minute drive outside Banff we meet at some stables, and then do a 45 minute circuit at the foothills of the Rockies. This will be a more leisurely look at the scenery and maybe some wildlife. 

Dog Sledding and Sleigh Riding - Lake Louise
Christmas Day Brunch

I am also excited that we have booked in for Christmas Day Brunch/Lunch in the Riverview Lounge at Chateau Lake Louise (the castle). The Castle has many different events, seating times and venues for Christmas Dining options – it appears the most popular in Christmas Eve or Christmas Night, but being used to Christmas Lunch being our main meal, the Brunch seating works perfectly for us.

Dog Sledding and Sleigh Riding - Lake Louise
Chateau Lake Louise

That will also allow us to drive back to Banff in daylight…….bit apprehensive about driving in the snow, but Anthony will be fine. We are looking forward to experiencing the stunning view from the Castle, overlooking the frozen Lake Louise and watching the ice skating.


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